Home Care and I&I

The number of Home Care and I&I applications is as extensive as KLK Kolb's experience and product range here. Whether it's wetting agents, emulsifiers or low- and non-foaming surfactants, we have the right product even for your application.

We make every effort to work with renewable raw materials and offer ECOCERT validated products. We are a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). As a result, we are committed to the target of transforming the market to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Furthermore, we offer RSPO Mass Balance certified products.

If, despite your expectations, you are still unable to find something suitable or are looking for a tailor-made product, then please send us an E-mail or fill up the contact form at the end of this page!

Our products and chemistries

Nonionic surfactants based on natural alcohols


Natural C10 alcohol with 2.5 to 10 mol EO, containing at least 30% of renewable raw material


Natural C12-C14 alcohol with 1 to 7 mol EO, containing at least 30% of renewable raw material


Natural C12-C16 alcohol with 1 to 7 mol EO, containing at least 30% of renewable raw material


Low-foaming alkoxylates, containing at least 30% of renewable raw material


Natural C12-C14 alcohol with 2.5 to 11 mol EO


Natural C12-C18 alcohol with 7 mol EO


Natural C16-C18 alcohol with 6 to 80 mol EO


Oleyl-Cetyl alcohol (C16-C18') with 2 to 10 mol EO

Nonionic surfactants based on synthetic alcohols


2-ethylhexanol (2-EH) alcohol with 3 to 8 mol EO


C9-C11 alcohol with 2.5 to 12 mol EO


C9-C11 alcohol ethoxylates


C10 alcohol with 3 to 10 mol EO


2-propylheptanol (2-PH) with 3 to 10 mol EO


C11 alcohol with 3 to 10 mol EO


C13 alcohol ethoxylates


C12-C15 alcohol with 2 to 9 mol EO

Other nonionic surfactant specialties


Low-foaming alkoxylate surfactants


EO/PO Block co-polymers


Polyethylene glycols


Castor oil with 5 to 40 mol EO


Ethoxylated phenol

Anionic surfactants


2-Ethylhexyl sulphosuccinates


Phosphate esters


C13 alcohol ether sulphate, sodium salt

Cationic surfactants




TEA esterquats

Our most used products

Product NameDescriptionCAS NumberHLB Value
Greenbentin-DE/025Natural alcohol C10 with 2.5 mol EO26183-52-88.2
Greenbentin-DE/040Natural alcohol C10 with 4 mol EO26183-52-810.5
Greenbentin-DE/060Natural alcohol C10 with 6 mol EO26183-52-812.5
Greenbentin-DE/080Natural alcohol C10 with 8 mol EO26183-52-813.8
Greenbentin-LM/070 (MB)Natural alcohol C12-14 with 7 mol EO68439-50-912.3
Greenbentin-SG/845/AGAlkoxylated alcohol, low foaming, biodegradable68439-51-0
Greenbentin-SG/854/AGAlkoxylated alcohol, low foaming, biodegradable68439-51-0
Greenbentin-XES/070Rapeseed oil fatty acids, methyl esters, ethoxylated with approx. 7 EO518299-31-510
Greenbentin-XES/100Rapeseed oil fatty acids, methyl esters, ethoxylated with approx. 10 EO518299-31-511
Hedipin-CFA/100Cocos fatty acid with 10 mol EO61791-29-513.5
Hedipin-R/300Castor oil with approx. 30 mol EO61791-12-611.5
Hedipin-R/360Castor oil with approx. 36 mol EO61791-12-612.3
Hedipin-R/400Castor Oil with approx. 40 Mol EO61791-12-613
Imbentin-AG/124PG/070Natural alcohol C12-16 with 7 mol EO68551-12-212
Imbentin-AG/124S/060Natural alcohol C12-14 with 6 mol EO68439-50-911.5
Imbentin-AG/124S/065Natural alcohol C12-14 with 6.5 mol EO68439-50-911.9
Imbentin-AG/124S/070Natural alcohol C12-14 with 7 mol EO68439-50-912.3
Imbentin-AG/124S/075Natural alcohol C12-14 with 7.5 mol EO68439-50-912.5
Imbentin-AG/124S/080Natural alcohol C12-14 with 8 mol EO68439-50-912.9
Imbentin-AG/124S/090Natural alcohol C12-14 with 9 mol EO68439-50-913
Imbentin-AG/124S/110 90%Natural alcohol C12-14 with 11 mol EO68439-50-914.3
Imbentin-AG/124S/120Natural alcohol C12-14 with 12 mol EO68439-50-913.5
Imbentin-AG/128S/070Natural alcohol C12-18 with 7 mol EO68213-23-010.2
Imbentin-AG/168S/060Natural alcohol C16-18 with 6 Mol EO68439-49-610
Imbentin-AG/168S/080Natural alcohol C16-18 with 8 Mol EO68439-49-610.5
Imbentin-AG/168S/110Natural alcohol C16-18 with 11 Mol EO68439-49-613
Imbentin-AG/168S/140Natural alcohol C16-18 with 14 Mol EO68439-49-614
Imbentin-AG/168S/150Natural alcohol C16-18 with 15 Mol EO68439-49-614.5
Imbentin-AG/168S/200Natural alcohol C16-18 with 20 mol EO68439-49-615.4
Imbentin-AG/168S/250Natural alcohol C16-18 with 25 mol EO68439-49-616.1
Imbentin-AG/168S/500Natural alcohol C16-18 with 50 mol EO68439-49-617.9
Imbentin-AG/168S/800Natural alcohol C16-18 with 80 mol EO68439-49-620
Imbentin-C/125/070Oxoalcohol C12-15 with 7 mol EO68131-39-512
Imbentin-C/125/090Oxoalcohol C12-15 with 9 mol EO68131-39-513.1
Imbentin-C/125/55 90%Oxoalkohol C12-15 mit 8 Mol EO68131-39-512.6
Imbentin-C/125/85 90%Oxoalcohol C12-15 with 10 mol EO68131-39-513.5
Imbentin-C/91/040Oxoalcohol C9-11 with 4 mol EO68439-46-310.5
Imbentin-C/91/060Oxoalcohol C9-11 with 6 mol EO68439-46-312.5
Imbentin-C/91/080Oxoalcohol C9-11 with 8 mol EO68439-46-313.5
Imbentin-C/91/080 OFAOxoalcohol C9-11 with 8 mol EO, low odour68439-46-313.5
Imbentin-C/91/100Oxoalcohol C9-11 with 10 mol EO68439-46-314
Imbentin-C/91/120Oxoalcohol C9-11 with 12 mol EO68439-46-315.3
Imbentin-CleanRinzAlkoxylated alcohol, low foaming, biodegradable69013-18-9
Imbentin-DLFAlcohols C8-18, ethoxylated, propoxylated69013-18-9
Imbentin-E/100/050alcohol C10 with 5 mol EO78330-20-811.5
Imbentin-E/100/060alcohol C10 with 6 mol EO78330-20-812.5
Imbentin-E/100/070alcohol C10 with 7 mol EO78330-20-813
Imbentin-E/100/080alcohol C10 with 8 mol EO78330-20-814
Imbentin-E/100/100alcohol C10 with 10 mol EO78330-20-814.5
Imbentin-G/100/0302-propyl-1-heptanol with 3 mol EO160875-66-19
Imbentin-G/100/0402-propyl-1-heptanol with 4 mol EO160875-66-110.5
Imbentin-G/100/0502-propyl-1-heptanol with 5 mol EO160875-66-111.5
Imbentin-G/100/0602-propyl-1-heptanol with 6 mol EO160875-66-112.5
Imbentin-G/100/0702-propyl-1-heptanol with 7 mol EO160875-66-113
Imbentin-G/100/0802-propyl-1-heptanol with 8 mol EO160875-66-115
Imbentin-G/100/0902-propyl-1-heptanol with 9 mol EO160875-66-114.5
Imbentin-G/100/1002-propyl-1-heptanol with 10 mol EO160875-66-115
Imbentin-GS/100/0702-propyl-1-heptanol with 7 mol EO, low odour166736-08-912.5
Imbentin-OA/0202-Ethyl hexanol with 1.7 mol EO27252-75-18.3
Imbentin-OA/0302-Ethyl hexanol with 3 mol EO27252-75-110.1
Imbentin-OA/0502-Ethyl hexanol with 5 mol EO27252-75-112.6
Imbentin-OA/0802-Ethyl hexanol with 8 mol EO27252-75-114.6
Imbentin-OA/1502-Ethyl hexanol with 15 mol EO27252-75-116.7
Imbentin-PPFAlkoxylated alcohol, low foaming, biodegradable69013-18-9
Imbentin-T/030Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 3 mol EO9043-30-58.1
Imbentin-T/040Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 4 mol EO9043-30-59
Imbentin-T/050Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 5 mol EO9043-30-510.6
Imbentin-T/060Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 6 mol EO9043-30-511.5
Imbentin-T/070Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 7 mol EO9043-30-512.2
Imbentin-T/080Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 8 mol EO9043-30-512.9
Imbentin-T/090Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 9 mol EO9043-30-513.4
Imbentin-T/100Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 10 mol EO9043-30-513.9
Imbentin-T/120Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 12 mol EO9043-30-514.6
Imbentin-T/150Branched oxoalcohol with 15 mol EO9043-30-515.4
Imbentin-T/65Branched oxoalcohol C13 with 9.5 mol EO9043-30-513.6
Imbentin-T/77Branched Oxoalcohol C13 with 14 Mol EO9043-30-515.2
Imbentin-U/030Branched oxoalcohol C11 with 3 mol EO127036-24-28.7
Imbentin-U/050Branched oxoalcohol C11 with 5 mol EO127036-24-211.2
Imbentin-U/060Branched oxoalcohol C11 with 6 mol EO127036-24-212.1
Imbentin-U/070Branched oxoalcohol C11 with 7 mol EO127036-24-212.8
Imbentin-U/080Branched oxoalcohol C11 with 8 mol EO127036-24-213.4
Imbentin-U/100Branched oxoalcohol C11 with 10 mol EO127036-24-214.4
SERDET DFK 30Lauryl sulphate, sodium salt
SERDOX NBS 6,6 EC9-C11 alcohol ethoxylate with 6.6 mol EO, salt free
SERDOX NBS 6,6/90C9-C11 alcohol ethoxylate with 6 mol EO
SERDOX NBSQ 5/5C9-C11 alcohol alkoxylate with 5 EO and 5 PO
SERDOX NRL 3 EC13 alcohol ethoxylate with 3 mol EO, salt free
SERDOX NRL 7 EC13 alcohol ethoxylate with 7 mol EO, salt free
SERDOX ZLY 4Phenol ethoxylate with 4 EO
SERVAMINE KW 100Ethoxylatedcoco alkylaminequat
SERVO Q 8000 seriesAlkyl amidoquats
SERVO SP 2010Alkyl ether sulphate, sodium salt
SERVOSOFT XW 690Oleic esterquat in IPA
SERVOSOFT XW 445 PPVegetable quat without solvent
SERVOXYL VPDZ 3/100branched C13 alcohol ethoxylated mono/di phosphate ester, acid form
SERVOXYL VPIZ 100n-butanolmono/diphosphate ester, acidform
SERVOXYL VPT 3/852-ethylhexanol ethoxylated mono/di phosphate ester, sodium salt, 85% active in water
SERVOXYL VPTZ 1002-ethylhexanolmono/di phosphate ester, acidform
SERVOXYL VPTZ 3/1002-ethylhexanol ethoxylated mono/di phosphate ester, acid form
SERVOXYL VQCZ 7/100C12-C15 alcohol ethoxylated phosphate ester, acid form
SERVOXYL VQDZ 6/100C13 alcohol ethoxylated, phosphate ester, acid form
SERVOXYL VQPZ 5/100 HMC8-C10 alcohol ethoxylated phosphate ester, high mono-ester, acid form
SERWET WH 170Di-octyl sulphosuccinate, sodium salt

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