Pharmaceutical industry

KLK Kolb in Hedingen has been authorised by SwissMedic to manufacture and distribute active pharmaceutical ingredients and are subject to regular GMP inspections.

For decades, our products are well established in pharmaceutical formulations as process aids, during purification steps, in diagnostics, and in many biotechnological processes.

Pharmaceutical companies stay with KLK Kolb not only for the unique functionalities our nonionic surfactants provide but also because they know that KLK Kolb will go that extra mile to meet their needs.

Standard excipients can be sourced from various suppliers, but what if you need to customise an excipient to suit your needs? 

Read our article about Kolb's "unique philosophy".

Tailor-made excipients, developed the Kolb way

The right carrier for your API

An API is useless unless it has the right carrier that can properly solubilise it and make it bioavailable. KLK Kolb’s polysorbates with the brandname Hedisan have a long and successful track record for solubilising and enhancing the API’s in formulations.

We have established one of the highest quality standards in the market according to customer requirements.

Why are polysorbates widely used in the pharmaceutical industry?

  • Enhance API stability
  • Improve API solubility
  • Increase drug bioavailability
  • Boost formulation efficacy

Our applications

Our Products are already included in many products on the market worldwide:

  • Animal health formulations
  • Eye, ear, and nose drops
  • Biotech process additives
  • Food supplements
  • Blood purification and treatments
  • Contraceptives
  • Topical applications
  • Disinfection
  • Tablets & pills
  • Diagnostics
  • Vaccines
  • Wound treatments

Why Hedisan, KLK Kolb's polysorbates?


Consistent product composition and high purity


Required composition by process and without post treatments

Low risk

All manufacturing steps at one site in Switzerland, GMP certified by Swissmedic


Short ways, dedicated teams and efficient processes

Quality in processes and products

More than 200 signatures from our operators and quality assurance team are required for one batch of Polysorbate 80.

Every manufacturing step and every quality check is documented in order to secure the production process and product quality of our excipients for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry. A change management process is in place and the access to production and laboratories is restricted only to authorized employees.

Competence in Ethoxylation & Esterification

50 years’ experience in manufacturing Polysorbates, Sorbitan Esters  and other non-ionic surfactants allows us to steer this complex molecular diversity consistently.

Polysorbates, that are ethoxylated sorbitan esters, are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.  The sorbitan esters in polysorbates are also made by KLK Kolb, even at the same location. This is a unique aspect contributing to KLK Kolb’s exemplary proficiency in manufacturing polysorbates and sorbitan esters of high quality for decades and ahead of current market standards for excipients.

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Ruth Blumer Lahner

Dr. Ruth Blumer Lahner
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Sustainability, and SHEQ

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Our portfolio includes

Monograph TitleKLK Kolb productGradeClassification
Polysorbate 20Kotilen-L/1Tested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Polysorbate 60Kotilen-S/1Tested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Polysorbate 80Kotilen-O/1 VLTested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Polysorbate 80Hedisan-80Tested according to Ph. Eur.API (Swissmedic)
Polysorbate 80Hedisan-80 (Excipient)Tested according to Ph. Eur. / USP / JPExcipient
Macrogol 400Sympatens-PEG/400Tested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Macrogol 4000Sympatens-PEG/4000 GTested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Sorbitan MonolaurateKosteran-L/1 (1)Tested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Sorbitan MonostearateKosteran-S/1Tested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Sorbitan MonooleateKosteran-O/1 VLTested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient
Macrogol Laurylether 9 EO
(Laureth-9 / Polidocanol)
Sympatens-AL/090 (1)Tested according to Ph. Eur.Excipient

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