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A business cannot make much headway without a dedicated workforce. At KLK Kolb, we value your contribution and commitment to the company’s success. However, ambition alone is not enough to ensure outstanding achievements. It also takes knowledge, experience, creativity and a sense of what is valuable and achievable. Goals can only be achieved through the joint effort of all parties involved.

We are committed to making progress in our markets. We will only be able to achieve our most challenging goals, if we use the total potential of the team. In an environment of cooperative partnerships and healthy rivalry, where performance and success are paired with mutual respect, this opens up new perspectives for us and ultimately for you too.

Efficient project organization, clear process structures, quick decision-making, open dialogue and direct communication are very important to us. We are keen to harness your valuable knowledge and expertise to further develop our strong market position to ensure that everyone - employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders - can benefit from our results.

We depend on the collaboration and participation of talented, enthusiastic, and motivated professionals. In turn we make sure that you enjoy a work environment that enables you to explore your potential, attend to your personal goals, and develop your professional expertise.

We look forward to hearing about what you can bring to the KLK Kolb team.

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Marianne Pantli

Marianne Pantli
HR Manager

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Kolb offers its employees an open, lively and international work environment with a flat organisation and clear structures.
We value an open dialogue characterised by respectful and transparent communication, while fostering an informal work culture.

Values of KLK Kolb



  • The creativity of our employees contribute significantly to our sustainable and profitable growth.
  • As a result of our company culture, we value and promote innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Sustainable handling of resources is, as a basic value, anchored in our company culture.
  • We are proud that we were the first to offer RSPO certified nonionic surfactants in the market.


  • Markets and technologies are rapidly changing. The development and education of our employees is a key investment in the future.
  • We want to grow together. That’s why we support our employees with flexible work hours, competitive remuneration, and attractive bonus programs.
  • We invest in the future by educating 10 apprentices and provide individual advanced education to our employees.


  • With us you are more than just an apprentice
  • We really love educating our apprentices. We invest in the future and recognise our social responsibility.
  • Every year we offer apprenticeships in the lab and business fields.