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Watch out for Legionella!

Boost your existing deposit control cooling water treatment in an environmentally-friendlier and more effective way. Combine your concept with KLK Kolb’s innovative deposit dispersants.

Biofilm is a highly organised aggregation of microorganism at the surface boundaries and cause hygienic and operational problems in process water in industrial systems. In cooling water, biofilm lead to increased cost due to microbial influenced corrosion (MIC), additional unplanned shutdown for cleaning and maintenance as well as higher energy cost as a result of reduced heat transfer. Moreover, biofilm is the home for legionella to multiply. They spread over aerosol in the open evaporative cooling system, which can cause lung infections.

KLK Kolb offers water treatment companies the newly developed deposit dispersions, Hedicol-DISP and Hedicol-CLEAN, which are non-biocidal themselves and still help to fight against organic hydrophilic deposits. Kolb’s Hedicol deposit dispersants clean the surfaces and keep them stay clean longer.

The efficiency of the products could be demonstrated in cooling water systems and are rated very well by our customers:

  • The hygienic operation, complying to VDI guideline 2047 part 2 and part 3, could be improved.
  • The amount of biocide used could be reduced by approximately 40%, while keeping the same level of surface hygiene, resulting in a reduced ecological footprint.
  • The cleaning intervals could be prolonged and thus, the operational productivity could be increased.

Our new deposit dispersions, Hedicol-CLEAN and Hedicol-DISP, fight against organic hydrophilic deposits. They are available as “ready-to-use” product or concentrates for designing your own formulation.

Product features

  • Hedicol-CLEAN: dispersion for shutdown. Cleans organic hydrophilic deposits (biofilm)
  • Hedicol-DISP: dispersion suitable to be used during operation. Keeps the surface free of organic deposits
  • Available as “ready-to-use” product or as concentrates for designing your own formulation
  • Easy to use and dose
  • Low-foaming
  • None biocidal: does NOT fall under BPR (biocidal product regulation)
  • Fulfils the detergent regulation
  • Non-corrosive, good material compatibility
  • AOX free & chlorine free
  • Can be combined with hardness stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors
  • Compatible with oxidative and non-oxidative biocides

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