kolb hedingen production site
kolb hedingen production site
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moerdijk production site kolb
moerdijk production site kolb
moerdijk production site kolb

Surfactants and paper chemicals from Kolb

When you took a shower this morning and put on a clean shirt, you may have gotten in touch with a product from Kolb. The products that Kolb produces are  surfactants, substances that are used to make laundry detergents and shampoos but can also find their way to you through a piece of paper or medicines.


KLK Kolb Specialties

Our products

Isostearic acid esters

GMP Polysorbates in-cosmetics 2018
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Kolb in brief

Kolb manufactures surfactants, paper process chemicals and chemical intermediates. Our main products are fatty alcohol and acid ethoxylates, fatty amine ethoxylates, phosphate esters, alcohol sulphates and sulphonates, ester quats, triglyceride ethoxylates, sorbitan esters and other chemistries that are used for wetting, emulsifying, low foaming, solubilising, viscosity modifying and viscosity stabilising.


The company processes natural and synthetic raw materials into high-quality products at its production sites in Switzerland and the Netherlands employing around 400 people.

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