KLK Kolb at a glance

KLK Kolb manufactures surfactants, paper process chemicals and other chemical specialties. Our main products are fatty alcohol and acid ethoxylates, fatty amine ethoxylates, phosphate esters, alcohol sulphates and sulphonates, ester quats, triglyceride ethoxylates, sorbitan esters and other chemistries that are used for wetting, emulsifying, low foaming, solubilising, viscosity modifying and viscosity stabilising.

Some key figures:

  • ~480 employees
  • 3 Production sites (Switzerland & The Netherlands)
  • 1 R&D centre
  • > 90 Years experience


KLK Kolb employs several technologies such as alkoxylation, phosphation, sulphation, sulphonation, esterification, amidation, polymerization and quarternisation, also offering a broad range of chemical specialties and custom manufacturing capabilities.

Our products are formulated by customers in final products like detergents and shampoos, agricultural and construction chemicals, textile, pulp and paper products, lubricants and metal working fluids.

KLK Kolb processes natural and synthetic raw materials into high-quality products at its production sites in Switzerland and the Netherlands employing around 480 people.

Our production sites


Manufacturing setup for a complex product portfolio,
combined with a high degree of flexibility

KLK Kolb has its headquarters close to Zurich, the vibrant and multi-cultural economical centre of Switzerland.

The site was founded in 1964 by Dr. W. Kolb and expanded through the years. Here, nonionic surfactants, esters, and paper chemicals are produced. In Hedingen, sales and marketing functions are present.

Kolb Distribution Ltd.
Maienbrunnenstrasse 1
8908 Hedingen

Phone +41 44 762 46 46
Fax +41 44 762 46 00


Specialty surfactant manufacturing site with a variety of technologies
and custom manufacturing capabilities

KLK Kolb Specialties B.V. is part of KLK Kolb, member of the KLK group.

At the production site in Delden, continuous and multi-purpose batch reactors are run, specialised in multi-step reactions on-site. By product development, often in close cooperation with customers, in our own R&D centre, we are successfully serving a wide variety of markets like household and industrial and institutional cleaning, animal feed, agriculture, construction, textile, pulp and paper, metal working, plastics and polymers.

KLK Kolb Specialties B.V.
Langestraat 167
7491 AE Delden
The Netherlands

Phone +31 74 3775 000


Streamlined processes for utmost cost, raw material usage and energy efficiency

Located in the petrochemical area close to Rotterdam, in the south of the Netherlands, the production site in Moerdijk was commissioned in 1993.

Between 2008 and 2011, two additional reactors were installed. In the following years, the storage capacity was also expanded.

Dr. W. Kolb Nederland B.V.
Westelijke Randweg 5
Harbournumber M431
P.O. Box 123
4790 AC Klundert
The Netherlands

Phone +31 168 41 43 00